Death # Event Name Date Of Death Location Circumstances of Death
512 Alcohol Abused May 4, 1960 Kansas City, Missouri A woman died of alcohol intoxication after immersion for 12 hours in a bathtub filled with 40% ethanol. Her blood alcohol content was 1.35%.

Emergency Landed

June 23, 2009 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania A man was jogging and listening to his iPod when he was hit from behind and killed by a small plane making an emergency landing on a beach.
687 Safety Dead April 9, 2003 Augusta, Maine A man was partially decapitated when an unsecured safety barrier in a supermarket car park was blown through the windshield of his car by a sudden gust of strong wind.
846 Rushed Zoned October 30, 2000 Cleveland, Ohio A man stormed the cockpit door of a Southwest Airlines flight from Las Vegas, Nevada to Salt Lake City, Utah. The man was knocked over and pinned by eight other passengers with such force that he died of asphyxiation.
111 Stretched Out December 31, 1984 San Francisco, California A man was killed when the ambulance stretcher he was strapped to rolled down a grade and overturned. The ambulance attendants, while speaking to a doctor's staff, had left the stretcher unattended. He suffered a head injury and died a short time later.
932 Cactus January 21, 2003 Mesa, Arizona A man dies after firing several shots at a 26 ft (8 meters) tall Saguaro Cactus from extremely close range, a 4 ft limb of the cactus that was weakened by the gunfire detached and fell on him, killing him instantly.
304 Paranoid Beyond Belief August 17, 1946 New York, New York Two brothers were found dead in their home in New York. The younger brother died by falling victim to a booby trap he had set up, causing a mountain of objects, books, and newspapers to fall on him and crushing him to death. His blind and paralyzed brother who had depended on hi brother for care, died of starvation some days later.
217 Chimney Boiled August 1, 2007 Los Angeles, California A woman was at a cast party celebrating the completion of a movie, her third and last. She mistook a chimney for a balcony and fell into a heating boiler and killing her instantly.
884 What the WWW! November 22, 1997 Max, North Dakota A wrestler died during a pay-per-view event when performing a stunt. It was planned to have him come down from the rafters on a safety harness tied to a rope to make his ring entrance. The safety latch was released and he dropped 78 feet (24 m), bouncing chest-first off the top rope resulting in a severed aorta, which caused his lungs to fill with blood.
287 Footballer'd May 29, 2010 Los Angeles, California A football player was killed instantly when the field was struck by a fork of lightning during a match.