Hard Balled, Way to Die #156, is the seventh death to be featured in "Dead Wrongs", which aired on September 28, 2010.


On April 2, 2006, Durham, North Carolina. Brooke was a bully. He then beat up a lot of people. First, he beat up a person at lunch. Then he beat up the chess club geek. Then he beat up the band nerd. Brooke was a lacrosse player. He then took off his shirt. Then Brooke tried to get revenge on all three people he threatened. Brooke then shot his rubber ball. Brooke then saw the cutest girl walk by the school grounds. Good thing he didn't keep his eye on the ball. The rubber ball hit Brooke in the perfect place causing commotio cordis leading to his death of arrhythmia.

"Some words of advice for a very dead Brooke. Bully for you. What was the word you used? Douche bag! Exactly.

Alternate titlesEdit

  • Jock Shock
  • Quick Ball