When you turn on your TV, what do you expect to see? A biker who gets recycled, a gangster who gets gang banged, a tomb raider who sinks, a hunter who loses to a penguin, a criminal who was alive until he ran to a farm, a thief who hangs around a museum, and a pimp who gets caned? If you said yes, good for you!

Death # "Event" Name Date Location Circumstances of Death
689 Nitro-Asses (a.k.a Re-Cycled) July 24, 2006 Chicago, IL A racer places nitrogenous oxide in his bike to cheat. However, he is easily distracted and accidentally cuts the tube. the room fills with nitrogenous.
459 Any Given Gun Day (a.k.a Hot Boxed) June 3, 2003 Hollywood, CA A man runs from a gangster who is trying to kill him. The man runs into a power plant are. The gangster shoots and kills him, but the bullet hits a power box behind him, which explodes, killing the gangster instantly.
388 That Sinking Feeling (a.k.a D*** Sand) September 1, 2003 The Amazon An explorer steals from a temple. While running back to his plane, he walks into a puddle of quicksand. He slowly sinks to death with nobody to save him.
856 Pecker Pecked You in the Pecker (a.k.a Given the Bird) March 10, 2005 Antarctica A hunter tries to kill a polar bear. He tries to lure it with fish. The fish lures a penguin who pecks him to death.
395 Trill Death Do You Part. (a.k.a A Trilling Tale) April 9, 2001 Nebraska A robber escapes from prison. He runs into a farm; meanwhile, a drunk farmer attaches a motor to his trill. The trill runs loose and runs over the robber. The blades at the bottom of the trill slices his body.
133 EX-hi-bit (a.k.a Mu-See Him Die) March 20, 2011 Wyatt Vile, MD A thief attempts to steal from a museum. While lowering himself. The rope wraps around his neck, hanging him.
484 Pimp My Died (a.k.a Citizen Cane) August 8, 2003 Cheyenne, WY A pimp walks around with a cane. the cane is sharpened. While walking, he accidentally stabs himself in the foot with it and bleeds to death.