A naughty priest sees the light; a jock gets balled; a comic book artist gets drawn into submission; a criminal gets embedded; a Jack the Ripper wannabe picks the wrong person; a deviant shoves it too far; a guitarist rocks out.


Death # Event Name Date Place Circumstances of Death
54 Baptismal Fool(a.k.a. Holy Diver) June 21, 2005 Memphis, TN An alcoholic priest gets the idea to fill the baptismal pool in his church full of alcohol and swim in it. He succeeds in filling it with alcohol, but while getting in, he slips and hits his head on the floor of the baptismal pool, knocking him out and he eventually drowns.
308 Dodge balled (a.k.a. Dodge-Died) September 2, 2001 Seattle, WA An annoying jock harasses fellow classmates and plays pranks on the teachers. One day, in gym class, he challenges the whole gym class to go against him in a dodge ball match. While playing this, one of the balls hits the jock's temple at high enough speeds to cause a skull fracture, killing him instantly
421 Erased (a.k.a Drawn Together) May 20, 2008 Los Angeles, CA A talent less comic-strip writer at a comic convention tries to make friends with other comic writers, this fails. In revenge, he decides to drop a sandbag on them and killing them. It back fires when he loses his balance and falls to the ground, which was 40 feet below.
993 Jack the R.I.P.(a.k.a. Stripped) January 10, 1993 London, England A "Jack the Ripper" copy starts (trying to) killing prostitutes, during one of his attacks, the prostitute fights back, causing him to fall and impale himself with the knife he was using.
602 Murphy Dead(a.k.a. Em-Bedded) March 1, 2007 Trenton, NJ A wanted criminal gets caught in an act, to hide, he hides in his Murphy bed, however, the Murphy bed is too tight, and it crushes his ribs, and he is impaled multiple times, causing massive internal injuries.
870 Vibrate OWE! November 3, 2002 Atlanta, GA Tired of her husband's deviant sexual desires (constantly masturbating with a dildo and a vibrator), the man's bitter wife shoves all 20 inches of her husband's vibrator into his rectum, causing internal bleeding.
200 Slay Her (a.k.a. Tenacious Dead) October 11, 1996

Orlando, FL

A heavy metal guitarist plays a gig while high on marijuana, while performing, the adrenaline combined with the drugs he was on made him die of a heart attack on stage, much to the horror of the audience.