Some Guy Yelling at Cats
Cat-atonic, Way to die #145, is the fourth death featured in "Surprise, You're Dead!".


Derek is a bastardized cat owner who would grab out his video camera and scream derogatory insults and sometimes beat, rape, and torture his cats. He records his torment to his own pets and put them on YouTube for the whole world to watch, even though the videos were taken off of YouTube, he would often upload more and more of his sick, twisted videos. But one day while tormenting a black cat named Midnight, the cat gets startled by Derek's threatening screaming, and resulted in the cat scratching his face on instinct. Derek gets pissed and beats the cat to a pulp. But the mean son of a bitch gets more than just desserts. In one week while in a tirade once more, Derek began to feel exhausted, he felt a fever come on with a headache. He even develop lymph nodes, and his neck became swollen to the point of him suffocating, and died from "Cat Scratch Disease".

"Derek was a cat hatin', pussy whippin', cussin' and yellin' bastard. He died as the cats lived for all these years... Horribly."


  • The actor portraying Derek was the actor who portrayed Morgan in "Ex'd Ex".